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Why are Knee Sleeves Good for Squats?

Why are Knee Sleeves Good for Squats?

Sep 13, 2023

From a layman's perspective, knee sleeves are meant for knee support. But for a fitness enthusiast, especially a squat enthusiast like you, it's not just the knee support. Indeed, it is above and beyond what you think. 

Yes, sliding on a knee sleeve can help you with compression for the knee joint and surrounding muscles, warmth, stability, better control, enhanced blood circulation, minimized discomfort, and a lot more. 

Athletes, sports buffs, lifters, and anyone who has their knees or joints involved in their workout can make the best use of these knee sleeves. 

What happens when you do squats without knee sleeves?

Even before you get to know the benefits of wearing knee sleeves for squats, you have to understand the complications of not wearing them for squats. When you exercise or squat, generally what happens is that the structures around your knee experience compression. When beginners do not perform squats the right way, in the right posture, or with the right in and out, this normal compression may turn out heavy, weaken their stability, and cause injury. That is the prime reason why trainers or physicians recommend knee sleeves that provide knee support for squats.

Why are knee sleeves good for squats?

(i) The three major squat benefits of knee sleeves include:

1. Knee sleeves apply force to joints

When squatting with knee sleeves, they provide enough compression on your joints that will enable you to have a good rebound for the ‘out’ posture in the squat. Though small, this rebound will determine your level of squatting. 

2. Knee position awareness 

Apart from ​​benefits, knee position awareness takes the upper hand. When wearing sleeves for squatting, the wearer becomes aware of their ‘in’ position between their hips and ankles. This is one of the greatest benefits for national or international-level squat competitive players. 

3. Easy transition from a normal squat to a heavy squat

When a person obtains enough knee compression and position awareness, he or she can easily master their ‘in and out’ posture in squats. And this stability can let them transition from normal to heavy levels in squats.

(ii) Other benefits of knee sleeves for squats include:

  • As the knee sleeve protects your joint from heaviness and promotes blood circulation by providing warmth, you can minimize your injury and pain if you are already injured. 
  • A knee sleeve supports the patella of your knee joint, which restrains the movement of your patella without restricting your overall knee movement or motion. 
  • Another use of knee sleeves is that they reduce the risk of knee injuries like ACLs, MCLs, meniscus, and patellar tendon problems.
  • If injured, they will ease your pain and expedite your recovery. How? (When wearing a sleeve for your joint, they do not let your knee build up lactic acid after an injury and prevent the formation of inflammation.)


Decoding the knee sleeves and squat myths 

  • Myth 1: Knee sleeves provide an instant boost to your knees and increase reps by 10.
  • Reality: Regular knee sleeve usage for squats can increase one rep max with more stability and power in your legs. 
  • Myth 2: Wearing tighter knee sleeves provides more boost to your squats.
  • Reality: Wearing tighter sleeves varies from one person to another. It is only the mindset of the squat player.


Major Types of Knee Sleeves

1. Open Knee compression sleeves: In this type, the knee cap is uncovered and left open to release the pressure created.

2. Closed Knee compression sleeves: In this type, everything is covered, including your knee cap, allowing for a variety of movements with improved knee support.

Buying the best knee sleeves for squats

Knee sleeves are usually made with neoprene and are designed so that they can be slipped on to wear over the knee.

A typical knee sleeve varies from 20 to 30 centimeters in length and 3 to 7mm in thickness. Short lifters and squat players can use 20-cm sleeves, and vice versa. Likewise, 3mm works for lifting or squatting beginners, whereas 5mm works well for deadlifts and heavy squat players. The Monsoon End Sale is live on Hykes, the premium-quality gear and accessories provider! 

By now, you know why are knee sleeves good for squats. For more fitness and fitness gear-related insightful articles, keep following us!