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Squat proof

soft & durable leggings

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Hykes Knee Cap Compression Support

Designed to apply graduated compression without restraining your freedom of movement and without blood clots risk.

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what our clients say

I have been looking this my whole life time. A perfect knee support... Breathable.... Gives ample pressure according to your workout. Greater mobility. . Does not stall your knee like wraps or other market supports. It gives you a greater mobility at the same time providing necessary support during Squats, Deadlift, running, etc.... I would say its a smart knee support!!!

I highly recommend this knee support. I got this after 4-5different types of knee support. Nothing worked out. This one works like a pro... My perfect gym buddy!!

RethinamPersonal Trainer

I was a bit confused while I was ordering this product. I usually do heavy squatting in Gym, so my knees kind of have pain everytime I did squats. As I received this product I was amazed to see the packaging of this product. This supports the knee while you do the squats. Regarding the quality of the product, it's the best you can get with no doubt I can quote this.

Digvijay ThoolPersonal Trainer

Very well fitted. Just super happy. Same feel lyk my DAINESE, ALPINESTAR gloves. I bought it for my Superbike.

N.MunshiPersonal Trainer

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