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Best Gym workouts for beginners

Best Gym Workout for Beginners

Oct 06, 2023

In most cases, beginners at the gym don’t know what they actually want to achieve. Is it fat-burning, muscle-strengthening, or overall body fitness? Thus, you need to consult a personal trainer at the gym before you set your goals. In this process, first, the personal trainer will understand your body, habits, routine, strengths, etc. Second, the trainer will discuss what your intentions are. Third, the trainer will suggest the right goal for you to focus on.  

Now, before we get into what the best gym workouts for beginners are, let’s learn about important tips, the routine, etc. Important fact: Not all individuals' bodies are the same. Each body acts and responds differently. Thus, the gym goals may vary. And accordingly, the gym workout plans may completely vary from one to another. 

Decoding the common misconceptions in fitness!

First time gym tips for beginners: Expert Trainers Recommendation

  • Start feeling your body
  • Slowly focus on the workout
  • Do not rush to complete the reps
  • Learn the right way or method of doing a workout
  • Take enough breaks between each set
  • Clearly learn to use gym equipment  
  • Strictly follow the trainer’s instructions

Last but not least, believe in yourself to achieve your fitness goals! 

What is a gym routine?

After understanding your fitness goals, the nature of your job, your availability, and your interests, your trainer will draft a routine worksheet for your selected workouts. That is referred to as your custom gym routine. 

What is the best gym routine for beginners?

We cannot call a particular routine the best for all beginners. For a few, it may be a 7-day workout plan. While, for some, it may be a 3- or 4-day plan. Alternatively, for some, it may be a heavy workout routine on only one day of the week. In fact, for some, it may be a light workout, but for 30 days. 

Hence, as a beginner, you have to do all the trial and error to test which workout schedule works best for you. Take your time and find your best workout routine! Anyway, your trainer will guide you. 

What, how, and when to wear? All about gym accessories are explained! 

For males and females, what are the best gym workout for beginners? 

Most gym beginners begin their gym workouts with these:

  • Seated leg press with 10–12 reps and 3–4 sets
  • Shoulder/chest press with 10–12 reps and 3–4 sets
  • Assisted pull-ups with 6–8 reps and 4–5 sets 
  • Planks with 10–12 reps and 3–4 sets
  • Dumbbell seated shoulder press with 10–12 reps and 3–4 sets
  • Barbell push press with 6–8 reps and 4–5 sets 
  • Treadmill run or walk as recommended
  • Mountain climbers with 17–20 reps and 3–4 sets
  • Crunches with 10–12 reps and 3–4 sets


These are collective beginner gym workouts. Not all apply to everyone. Those who have fat-burning as their workout goal will take up the last few on the above list. Pull-ups, planks, and bench press workouts help with body strengthening. 

When you want to start with a beginner gym workout for cardio equipment, variants of treadmills (brisk walk, stair master, rower, etc.) can help in the beginning. 

Exercise Tips for Beginners Gym Workout

  • Warming up is inevitable before you start your workout
  • Heavy food intake before exercising is not encouraged
  • Taking a break in between the exercises helps a lot
  • Do not sit idle when relaxing in between workouts
  • Take a slow walk inside the gym instead of sitting down


The thumb rule in fitness—adhering to a healthy diet—is essential for any workout goal. Unless you stick to your diet (as suggested by your dietician or trainer), you cannot progress in your fitness journey. 

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