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Dumbbell types

Different types of dumbbells

Dec 04, 2023

People practice dumbbells for various reasons. While some choose it to improve their flexibility, others choose it for cardiorespiratory fitness. And there are some who choose it for full-body strengthening.

Despite these intentions, as a fitness enthusiast, you must know the different types of dumbbells and the differences between each of them.

Types of Dumbbells You Have to Know

In this article, first, let’s learn the types based on the material:

  • Cast iron: The iron dumbbells are purely rough and do not cover themselves with any smooth material or rubber-like substance. Since they give a crude feeling when touched, they do not end up rolling. Instead, they get as sturdy as possible inside your fingers.  
  • Rubber hex: These are iron-made but rubber-coated. Lately, manufacturers are using a recyclable rubber material to coat the plates. The primary reason for choosing this type is to protect the flooring when someone drops it while using it. 
  • Neoprene: These are lightweight dumbbells made of cast iron and then immersed in neoprene liquid to add color and beauty. Ideally, these are not the right choice for heavy weightlifters. However, these are perfect for beginners as they are non-slippery, rust-free, and have a beautiful matte look.
  • Chrome: Usually, these are made of iron or solid steel. The chrome is coated to improve the aesthetics of the equipment. You can find this type mostly in indoor gyms.  
  • Vinyl: These vinyl dumbbells are another type that’s manufactured to add beauty. Like other types, this is also made of cast iron but vinyl-coated. They come in different shapes, including hexagons, to prevent rolling. 

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    Secondly, let’s explore the types based on usage:

    • Pro tip: Except for the fixed type, all the others are barbell types. Stay tuned until we come up with an exclusive article that dives deep into types like dumbbell bar, dial-adjustable bar, simple barbell, etc. 
    • Fixed: These are made up of single pieces of particular weights. So, you need not worry about whether the plates are loose or whether they are safe to use for heavy workouts. Another great advantage is that these are extremely durable.
    • Adjustable dumbbells: These are made to help the weightlifter adjust their intensity of weightlifting. However, the weights are nicely locked. Also, they are easy to carry when you travel elsewhere.
    • Circus: These are suitable for weight lifters participating in global competitions. Because their handles are ultra-large in diameter and require special training to use them.
    • Loadable: This equipment will not have standard dumbbell handles. Instead, the plates and the handles are separate and adjustable.  
    • Pin-lock: These are multi-weighing dumbbells that are absolutely perfect for professional weight lifters. In this type, with a single dumbbell set, you can add different weights. So, this has the wonderful advantage of saving space in the gym.  

    FAQ's on the Best Type of Dumbbells

    What dumbbells for beginner?

    Indeed, beginners should use low-weight dumbbells when they start their dumbbell journey. However, there are a lot more factors that determine the ideal weight of your dumbbells. Check this list!     

    Which type of dumbbell is best?

    When compared to various types on the market, neoprene dumbbells occupy a special place. At least 90% of people will work out with neoprene-coated dumbbells.

    Can you use dumbbells to lose weight?

    Well, the answer is definitely "yes." This equipment helps in the efficient fat-burning process and builds your muscles in parallel.