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What Are The Misconceptions About Fitness And Exercise?

What Are The Misconceptions About Fitness And Exercise?

Jun 30, 2023

Are you a beginner at the gym who’s worried about exercise myths? Is your gym buddy sabotaging your ideas for fitness with assumed or accepted fitness myths and facts? Then, please read this blog and do as much sharing as you can to help thirsty minds like yours.

Answers to 7 Common Fitness Myths

1. Weight training is only for men
2. Stretching is a must before a workout
3. Yoga won't cause any injury
4. Lifting heavy weights will help in bulking
5. Empty stomach workouts help in fat burning
6. Ab workouts will definitely help me get a six-pack
7. Exercise is the best weight loss technique

Weight training is only for men

One of the main reasons people enter gyms is to build muscles. And weight training is one great way to build muscle strength. But it is not only for men. Even women can undergo rigorous weight training under proper guidance and with a prescribed diet.

Of course, males secrete testosterone, which helps them easily build and tone their muscles. But women do not. Accordingly, they have to put in extra effort to perform weight training and consistently stick to their fitness routine.

Stretching is a must before a workout

Most gymgoers misunderstand the concept of stretching before a workout and perform static stretching that likely results in an injury or muscle tear. Fitness experts recommend performing cardio or dynamic stretching exercises that are related to your workout exercises or activities. Only this can warm up your body toward your fitness goals.

Also, ask your gym trainer or coach for the stretch duration. Because some fitness programs may require lengthy warm-up sessions and vice versa. So, before you start your stretches, get clear on what stretches ought to be performed and for how many minutes.

Yoga won't cause any injury

You might have heard from inept friends talking about the benefits of Yoga over-exercising. But did you know? Any physical activity without appropriate guidance can lead to injuries. And a particular study by the University of Sydney claims 10% of yoga practitioners (involved as the sample in the study) reported muscle pain.

Thus, you must start your workout after a 360-degree analysis of your current physical fitness level, body competency for workouts, and fitness goals.

Lifting heavy weights will help in bulking

Heavy lifting, indeed, is an excellent way to bulk up your body. But, remember, not only lifting weights can lead to bulking. It requires a strict diet, consistent practice, and perseverance to gain bulk over a period of time.

Empty stomach workouts help in fat burning

Did some of your gym friends or fitness enthusiasts ask you to try working out on an empty stomach? Give them the truth!

When working out on an empty stomach, you may assume that your body will depend on the stored fat for energy. But, in reality, instead of your fat getting burned, your muscle is forced. In turn, you have less energy to perform an effective workout. If continued for a long period, your body may easily get dehydrated. So, please eat easily digestible and light food for at least 1 to 1.5 hours before strenuous workouts.

Pro tip: Kindly avoid heavy pre-workout and post workout snacks.

Ab workouts will definitely help me get a six-pack

The last decade saw an unusual and crazy vogue in terms of fitness—the six-pack! Yes, many men strived hard and are still working out to achieve this. And abdominal workouts are one of the multiple workouts that they do. But it is not true that ab workouts will undoubtedly lead to such packs.

At large, it all depends on your whole body fat accumulation, your diet, your overall stability, and your exercise routine. According to a news article, men have to have total body fat in the range of 10 to 12% and women around 11 to 13% in order to get ab packs.

Exercise is the best weight-loss technique

Among the innumerable ways to lose weight, you may think that working out or exercising at the gym can do wonders. But the hard truth is that it is just a helper and not the sole reason. The importance of exercise is that it can keep you active and fit. Additionally, if you have a healthy diet, your body will automatically encourage weight loss by shedding unwanted fat. But
with exercise alone, you cannot lose pounds.

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