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Outstanding Benefits of Dumbbells for Weight Loss

Outstanding Benefits of Dumbbells for Weight Loss

Nov 04, 2022

The Dumb Dumbbells

As the name implies, dumbbells are really dumb! They are one of the few pieces of gym equipment that doesn’t make noise. Yup! How much noise can these small bars make? Absolutely nil. 

Dumbbells consist of small bars that weigh from as low as 2 pounds to as high as 100 pounds. The most advantage of dumbbells is they can simply fit in your hands. 

What You Knew About Dumbbells

You might have heard from your gym trainer about dumbbells for fitness. And the use of dumbbells for gaining body strength, perfect shape, and chest fitness. Also, they help in:

  • Lowering the risk of heart attack or related problems
  • Increasing your body muscle mass

     Did you know? More than half of the gym goers use dumbbells for strength training. But, have you heard of the dumbbell workout for weight loss? Rarely a “YES”. And mostly a “NO”. 


    What You Do Not Know About Dumbbells

    The hard truth is they greatly catalyze your fat-burn process. In fact, dumbbells for weight loss are considered one of the easiest and most effective workouts.  

    The biologics are much simple. When you work out with dumbbells, your body fat gets burned to give you the strength or the energy required for the workout. This way the unwanted or over-accumulated body fat burns. And at the same time, your body muscle builds giving you strength and shape.  

    Unlike other workouts, your body fat burns even after you complete or pause your dumbbell workout. Imagine how much fat can burn both during and after your workout session. Absolutely enormous! Can this happen with other gym workouts? Definitely no. This explains why the use of dumbbells for weight loss is significant.    

    Different Types of dumbbells not only help in weight loss but gives more strength and a proper shape. In addition, they tone your body.

    FAQs About Dumbbells

    1) Does lifting heavy dumbbells burn belly fat?

    Any workout will help you burn calories or fat. But which part of your body sheds varies. A TOI article states that it depends on your body’s composition and the genes encoded. But with dumbbells, you experience a full-body shed that involves your belly fat too. Thus, lifting heavy dumbbells will undoubtedly burn your belly fat.

    2) What type of dumbbells should I buy?

    • The best dumbbells are those that are made of cast iron and steel & coated with Neoprene. 
    • A hexagonal shape dumbbell can help you prevent unexpected slips or loss of grip. Also does not allow rolling over your hands.  
    • A typical dumbbell should allow you to do multiple workouts like lunges, shoulder presses, triceps/ bicep curls, one-arm swings, etc


    3) What is the best weight for dumbbell beginners?

    Generally, men pick 10 pounds as a beginner. While women choose 5 pounds.

    4) Where to buy dumbbells?

    Enjoy numerous fitness benefits with Hykes dumbbells which come with two color options.

    5) What are the best dumbbell exercises for weight loss?

    • Dumbbell Squat
    • Dumbbell Lunge
    • Dumbbell Swing
    • Dumbbell Bent-Over Row
    • Dumbbell Shoulder Press


    Exceptional Benefits of Dumbbells For Weight Loss

    The dumbbell benefits for weight loss are huge. However, here we have collated the most important of them:

    • Easy to carry anywhere you go. This enables you to work out consistently every day giving you rapid results.
    • The more you lift, the more fat or calories you burn.
    • Reasonably priced and does not occupy much space in your gym.
    • The best equipment to have at your home.
    • You can choose the weight of your dumbbells based on your capacity. Perhaps, you can start with 5 or 10 pounds. Over time, gradually increase to 25 to 35 pounds. 
    • Improves balance.
    • Do not target selective muscles in your body while working out. It allows all your body muscles to involve during the workout. Thus, engaging your entire body for a full-body workout.    
    • Creates resistance whilst lifting and subsequently tones your body muscles and shape.  
    • Add more power to your weightlifting activity


    Important Pointers For Dumbbell Lifting

    You might wonder about how to lose belly fat using dumbbells or how to do fat burning dumbbell workout. Here are our answers:

    (Source: A WebMD article)

    • Ensure proper grip to hold 
    • Warm up before you start working out
    • Follow repetitions
    • Pick the right weight while starting 
    • Start with easy dumbbell exercises
    • Rest after your dumbbell workout without fail


    Now that you know how to use the dumbbells, start your weight loss journey today!