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Different Types of Knee Caps

Which is better: an Open patella knee cap or a Normal knee cap?

Apr 02, 2024

What is knee support? What are the major Benefits of Knee support?

A knee support or knee brace, is an accessory that helps relieve knee pain and prevent knee injuries while exercising. Of course, the knee joint is one of the important joints in the body that is responsible for your mobility —sitting, standing, walking, etc. Thus, a knee brace is an indispensable support for your knees and acts as a major protection element when working out. 

What are the Different Types of Knee support available on the market?

There are several knee support accessories that serve their purpose. For example, a knee strap is a great choice for individuals suffering from patellar tendonitis. It reduces knee pain by compressing the patellar tendon. 

A wrap-around is the best support for patients with patellar dislocation or instability. The metal bands in a wrap-around knee brace firmly wrap the knee joint and aid in quick recovery of the patella. 

In the case of stretched or injured ligaments, a motion control brace is preferred. When it comes to patella braces, they help reduce knee pressure and optimize compression to allow for knee flexibility.

However, the most commonly used knee accessory is the compression sleeve. Any athlete can use this Compression Knee sleeve to prevent any potential knee or patella injuries. The primary benefit of using this is that it evenly spreads the weight and pressure and increases the blood flow to heal the injury or weakened knee joints.

When an individual has damaged ligaments and can’t move the legs forward or backward, there is a need for a hinged knee support. It gives structural support and stability to your knees.  

The advantages of an open patella knee cap

This type of brace, as mentioned earlier, regulates the pressure and compression on your knees with a special design—a hole in the center of the knee cap. Besides, it helps with free knee movement and tracking. The purpose of the hole design in this brace is to correctly position the patella and thus allow for knee flexibility. As a result, your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are protected from injuries.   

Closed patella knee support and its advantages

Contradicting the open knee cap, this closed patella knee cap does not have a hole design. Instead, the whole knee cap is covered, ensuring excellent leg movement—jumping, running, waking, jogging, etc. 

Now comes the question of whether an open or closed patella cap benefits your knees. Here is our expert answer.    

Which is better? An open patella or a closed (regular) knee cap?

The first thing that comes to mind whenever you encounter a knee injury is wearing a knee support or a brace. Only that can relieve your pain and speed up your recovery, in this case, an open knee cap is slightly more beneficial than the normal knee cap if you’re a regular gym goer, a weightlifter, or an athlete. Also, it is useful for sports players (soccer, football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, tennis, cricket, etc.) 

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But, always, keep in mind that no one size fits all. So, get yourself diagnosed with the right problem or injury by consulting a physician, then choose the right knee support as per the doctor’s recommendation. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions:
  • 1. What is the use of Knee cap open patella?
  • An open knee cap helps with dual stability, extended patella support, muscle and joint warmth, pain relief, blood circulation, quick recovery from injury, graduated compression, and flexible motion.
  • 2. Is it good to walk with knee brace?
  • Wearing a knee brace is always good for maintaining the right knee position, evenly spreading weight and pressure, and optimizing compression for free mobility. 
  • 3. Which type of knee cap is best?
  • It depends on two things. One is the type of knee injury—ligament, patella, or muscle damage. Two is the need to use it as a knee support—a fitness accessory, to relieve pain, or for comfort.
  • 4. How should I use an open patella knee support? 
  • First, pull on the wider side of the knee support in an upward direction. Second, ensure the patella fits the open ring present in the knee support. Third, perform a couple of leg movements and check if the knee support is comfortable. Now, start your Beginner Workout
  • 5. Which knee support is best?
  • The major characteristics of the best knee support include breathability, ease of wear (comfy velcro straps), heat retention, increased stability, structure, and comfort.