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Is Wrist Support Necessary for Gym?

Mar 03, 2023

This blog helps those fitness freaks who are confused about whether to use a wrist wrap for wrist support. Though it primarily depends on your fitness goals and the severity of workouts, it is indispensable for you to know what are the pros of using them, when to use and when not to use them, etc.

What Are Wrist Wraps? 

Wrist wraps are the only wrist accessory that a workout’er wears to reduce the tension on their wrists when exercising.

What are the Benefits of Using Wrist Wraps for Wrist Support?

Unlike a few aesthetic gym accessories, wrist wraps are an intentional accessory. Wearing them has clear-cut benefits!

  • It acts as wrist protection and prevents the wrist joints from getting injured during heavy workouts
  • It provides a good grip and stability to your bones and enables you to go the extra mile. For example, a weightlifter wearing a wrist support gets the stability to lift more or additional weight than they used to lift when not wearing a wrist support. 
  • Apart from the support, it aids in wrist alignment and prevents discomfort if any.
  • Also, wearing a wrist wrap boosts your confidence.


When to Wear a Wrist Wrap? And When Not to Use?

Fitness enthusiasts that are interested in high wrist mobility-type of exercises can wear wrist wraps. As mentioned earlier, it gives proper grip, & support, and prevents injuries.

But if your wrists are already injured, wearing a wrist wrap is not recommended. Instead, they have to wear wrist braces that helps in faster recovery from the injury.

On the contrary, workouts that don’t or less involve your wrists or cardio-type exercises do not need the support of a wrist wrap. You can wear them for warm-up exercises.

Who Can Make Use of Wrist Wraps?

Now that you know the ​​wrist wraps benefits, you must know who can use them. Wrist wraps are a perfect gym accessory for weight lifters, barrel lifters, power-lifters, and bodybuilders. Also, suitable for those who do push-ups, pull-ups, bench presses, gymnastics, etc.

How to Buy the Best Wrist Wraps?

Given below are the characteristic features of a quality wrist wrap:

  • Soft, comfortable to use, and has long-lasting seam
  • Made of high-quality cotton/elastic and has a sturdy thumb loop
  • And has premium velcro and passes the competition grade


How to Use Wrist Wrap?

Here are a few steps on how to wear wrist wraps for workout:

1. Fasten the elastic or the thumb loop at one end around your thumb
2. Ensure it points upward
3. Properly align the band inward with velcro facing outward 
4. Now start wrapping it around your lower palm and wrist 
5. Once you feel rigid, fasten the velcro

      FAQs About Workout Wrist Wraps

      1. Which exercise need wrist support?

      High wrist mobility exercises, warm-up exercises, push- or pull-ups, and lifting-based exercises or workouts. There are specialized types of wrist wraps like powerlifting wrist wraps, heavy lifting wrist wraps, best weightlifting wrist wraps

      2. Are wrist supports good for wrist pain?

      Wrist wraps are perfect for preventing pain due to tension. However, after injury or pain, wrist wraps are of no use. At this point, you have to wear braces to heal your pain.

      3. How long should you wear wrist support?

      Wrist support or wrist wraps are good when you’re working out. So until your work out, you can wear them. Otherwise, there is no specific time/ period or restriction for wearing them.

      4. Is wrist support good for gym?

      Wrist support is good for the gym because workout’ers need support when performing wrist mobility exercises. And they need to protect their wrist from high weights or tension with the help of wrist support.

      5. Can straps be used as wrist wraps?

      Straps provide more grip to lift more weight. Whereas, wraps offer more stability for any weight you lift. Straps are effective for long-time lifting practitioners or those participating in competitions. However, over time, experienced lifters add both these accessories to their gym arsenal.