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Assisted Pull-Ups With Resistance Bands: How to Do It?

Assisted Pull-Ups With Resistance Bands: How to Do It?

Mar 29, 2023

As you all know, pull-ups are a great exercise for building your upper body strength. Unfortunately, if you’re a beginner, we can read your mind :( We know how challenging are regular body pull-ups. That’s where assisted pull-ups come into the picture!

What is Assisted Pull Up?

Assisted pull ups are the same as regular ups but with external assistance. With the use of a resistance (elastic) band, the exerciser can get external assistance to do a smooth pull-up. This way, beginners can easily learn to pull up and increase their muscle and motor strength.

Apart from easy learning, there are other benefits associated with resistance band assisted pull ups. Major ones include:

● The painless transition from assisted to unassisted (regular) pull ups
● Gradually increase the pull up reps
● Cost-effective method to begin with

How to Use Resistance Band for Pull-Ups?

The very first step to using pull up resistance bands is to choose the right elastic band. Yes, without the right length, thickness, and weight resistance of the band, you cannot perform assisted elastic band pull-ups. So, ensure you buy the right one! 

The second step is to learn to loop the resistance band to the pull-up bar. For this, you need to pull one end of the band and loop it around the high bar.

The third step is to check for the right length of the band. A perfect band must be thick, long, secure, and tight enough. However, ensure the other end of the band must not touch the ground when you hang it.

The fourth step is to loop the other end of the band around your knees or foot. This way, the band gives assistance to pull yourself up.

How to Do Assisted Pull-Ups With Resistance Bands?

Once you loop the band around the bar by following the above-mentioned instructions, you’re almost ready to do assisted pull-ups with bands. Next, follow these steps stringently.

Step 1: Place your hands over the pull-up bar and establish a strong grip.
Step 2: Ensure your palms face outward when gripping the bar and are placed wider than your shoulders. Importantly, do not let your arms touch your ears.
Step 3: Place your knees or foot on the hanging end of the band. After you feel the grip on your hands and feet, you can push lean out of the supporting stand or box if kept.
Step 4: Slowly, raise yourself with help of the thick resistance band. Avoid any jerk while raising as it may lead to unwanted movements.
Step 5: Try to use the upper body whilst raising and not the waist or lower body. Also, try avoiding your elbows moving inward. It has to turn outward.
Step 6: Gently, release and descend yourself down with the help of the band. Here, you have to steadily allow for a sluggish downward movement. Otherwise, you may jolt yourself out of gravity and push your band beyond the demand. And you may end up swinging unnecessarily. Sometimes, you may hurt your face or chin in this jerk.

This completes the first rep of your resistance band-assisted pull-ups set!

Now that you know what are assisted pull-ups and how to do them, you must know how to buy assisted pull up bands.

How to Choose the Best Resistance Bands For Pull Ups?

As mentioned earlier, the best resistance bands for assisted pull ups should showcase the following characteristics:

● Made up of a wear or tear-resistance material
● Withstand weight from 7 - 80 kgs (Light-to-Heavy)
● Resist high tensile strength and last longer
● Multipurpose (weight loss, fitness, body shaping, physical therapies)

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