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How to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey?

How to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey?

Jun 02, 2024

Everyone who wants to prioritize their physical health and fitness will definitely sign up for a gym membership. But how many of them continue their fitness journey is debatable. Of late, we have seen that many individuals don’t continue their journey for at least a year. The key factor behind these discontinuities is a lack of motivation. Yes! Motivation is key to remaining consistent and persevering in workouts and fitness. 

Following these tips can help ensure you continue your fitness transformation and stay motivated throughout the journey.

The top 5 tips to gain motivation to workout

1. Ensure your fitness goal is SMART
You have to plan your workout regimen in such a way that it is practically achievable and SMART. With these kinds of goals, you can keep yourself highly motivated.
    - Specific: List out the specific name of the exercises for clarity
    - Measurable: Find out ways to track your performance
    - Attainable: Do not set unrealistic expectations or benchmarks
    - Relevant: Discuss with an expert to validate if the exercises are relevant and helpful for your goal
    - Time-bound: Have a timeline set for each mini-goal or milestone 


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    2 .You must break in between
    Taking a break from a workout could be the best way to allow your body to rest and, at the same time, prepare for the next workout. Without proper rest, your body will not be able to cope with your stringent or heavy workout plans, which may lead to unwanted results that affect your physical fitness levels and overall well-being.

    So, understand that breaking in between workouts is not a sin but rather an essential thing to do. 

    3. Be amenable and flexible
    Of course, sincerely sticking to your workout plan is a good habit. But you don't need to be rigorous about every step. Occasionally, unfavorable and uncontrollable circumstances may occur. Learn to accept these changes and try to move on with positivity. 

    For example, if you aren’t able to 100% stick to your exercise plans, do not worry. Something is always better than nothing!

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    4.Enjoy the exercises

    Cherishing every moment of your workout is important to keep you positive and encouraged. There are umpteen ways to enjoy your exercises:

        - Listening to favorite songs or music while working out
        - Observe the process of your body's transformations
        - Working out with a group of friends or known well-wishers 
        - Joining different exercise & fitness groups for new learnings and experiences

        5. Get proud of your progress
        After all, what excites an individual is the result of the fitness training or the workout. Seeing progress or achieving milestones one by one is a great source of inspiration that encourages the individual to try more. In other words, it is self-motivation or inspiration for oneself. 

        How can I improve my fitness motivation?

        Fitness enthusiasts who are motivated but need improvement can get help from fitness experts or their gym coach. Having a one-on-one discussion with them can not only improve your fitness routine but also how you earn your motivation!