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How to Choose an Ankle Brace?

How to Choose an Ankle Brace?

May 04, 2023

An ankle brace is a great support accessory that functions for a meaningful purpose i.e. to help you recover from your ankle or tendinitis injury. Yes, ankle braces provide enough compression and stability to stiffen your injured ankle and provide maximum support when working out again. This way you can prevent your ankle from further injuries and enjoy seamless exercising.

The one thing that majorly bothers the fitness freaks is “how to choose an ankle brace?”. Because different types of ankle support accessories are sold in the market. Make use of these tips to overcome your confusion!

Tips For Choosing the Best Ankle Brace

Two things play a crucial role when choosing an ankle brace. One is identifying the right support brace from various types of ankle brace. And another is finding the perfect size. 

Identifying the right brace

1. Ankle Support Sleeves

An ankle support sleeve is used when you’ve experienced a mild injury/sprain, ache, or pain in your ankle. These sleeves can be worn on and off whenever you feel the need (when your ankles are weak or sore). These sleeves work perfectly and allow for full-range ankle movement without restriction. 

2. Ankle Straps or Wraps

This ankle belt for pain provides additional support and stability than sleeves. When wrapped around your ankles (preferably in an “8” shaped pattern), they offer required compression and tension and offer extended protection from further strains or injuries. This ankle support strap is ideal for moderately injured ankles!

3. Ankle Rigid Braces

Rigid braces are perfect for persons with chronic pain or ankle injuries. This belt for ankle pain is worn only when the Doctors or Physicians recommend them.

4. Ankle Lace-up Braces

These are semi-rigid braces that allow lacing up as per the ergonomics of the ankle. These are convenient and protective when you’ve got a serious ankle injury or sprain. Usually, it has plastic panels on either side to provide maximum support.

5. Hinge Ankle Braces

These are also semi-rigid braces that have hinges to offer stiffness to your ankles. The only difference is in the customization for the right and left ankles, unlike lace-up braces.

Choosing the right size of the ankle support brace

There are two sizes available in ankle support braces. One is a small size that suits persons with five to seven shoe sizes. Another is a medium size that suits persons with eight to ten shoe sizes. 

What Should You Check When Buying the Best Ankle Support Brace?

This checklist will educate you to choose the right ankle brace based on its features or benefits.

1. Maximum Compression

A good ankle brace irrespective of the type has to provide as much compression as possible to your ankles, heel, and toes. Without enough compression, you can ensure a fast recovery. At the same time, you cannot prevent further injuries.

2. Perfect material and design

An ideal ankle brace for support must have been made from top-grade neoprene material and have an ergonomic design. The material must be capable of retaining heat or warmth (boosting blood circulation) and provide flexibility to fit the shape of your ankle.

3. Soft and comfortable

The ankle brace must soothe and soften your ankles with its material, design, and finish. When wearing it on and off, it has to feel comfortable with or without shoes.

4. Non-slippery

An ankle brace or ankle band must not allow for rolling and slipping of your ankles at any cost. The fabric or the material must be chosen accordingly to assist this feature.

5. Multipurpose

An excellent ankle brace must provide support to ankles, tendons, joints, and ligaments. Also, it must support activities like working out, hiking, walking/ jogging/ running/, sports (badminton/ basketball), etc. Thus, they act as sport ankle brace when sporting and ankle protectors when injured.

Why Hykes Ankle Braces Are the Best in the Market?

Hykes ankle braces are made with the help of “3D Weaving Technology” which helps in retaining higher elasticity, softness, breathability, and stability. Also, they help in quicker recovery by reducing the strain with the help of 360 degrees protection.

Hykes Plantar Fasciitis Special Support Ankle Brace: This special brace provides optimal support for people suffering from plantar fasciitis and arthritis. Like other usual ankle braces, they also provide relief from ankle sprains or aches and increase your athletic performance.

Hykes Adjustable Compression Ankle Support: This brace allows for criss-cross ankle wrapping along with adjustable velcro to ensure custom stiffness. This brace is the right choice as the best ankle support for sprain or mild injury.