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Aerobic Stepper Workout for Weight Loss

Aerobic Stepper Workout for Weight Loss

Dec 26, 2022

The step aerobics workout is an amazing exercise that helps in improving cardio fitness, leg muscle strengthening, and weight loss. When stepping up and down, people do not feel like they are working out. It only feels effortless and like as if they are enjoying the beat or the music.

Aerobic Stepper and Step Exercise

Step exercise is performed on a platform called a stepper. Mostly, steppers come with adjustable height. A beginner in step exercise may adjust the height in the range of 4-5 inches. Whereas, a pro in the step exercise may try with 8-10 inches of height. However, the height also depends on:

  • The level of step training
  • Knee load capacity
  • The stage of aerobic fitness
  • The number of reps  
  • High or low-impact steps


(High-impact step aerobics involve stepping up and down with both feet. While low-impact step aerobics involves one foot.)

In this article, you’ll learn how aerobic step exercise works, how it creates an impact on the weight loss journey of an individual, what aerobic stepper benefits, and what features should you check before buying a stepper.

Aerobic Stepper Workout for Weight Loss Journey

In general, aerobic exercises are one of the great choices for weight loss. With aerobic step exercises, the process becomes much easier and expedited. Yes, aerobic step exercises have demonstrated promising results with fast shedding of fat and calories.

However, these exercises do not concentrate on weight loss in specific. The overall process involves the following benefits of step aerobics:

  • Balancing physical and mental strength, 
  • Enhancing the body's metabolism, 
  • Increasing the oxygen intake,
  • Improved heart functioning, 
  • Muscle toning, 

and a lot more.

In this whole-body rejuvenation process, your body utilizes or burns the extra fat and calories which results in weight loss. Ultimately, your body sheds extra weight, tones thigh muscles, trims waistlines, and provides good posture.

Did you know? A 45-minute session of step aerobic exercise enables your body to burn ~450 calories!

Here is the research proof! A study was conducted for 8 weeks involving 49 obese women. Among these 49, 20 women were considered control in the study. The remaining 29 women underwent a step-aerobic dance exercise program. The exercise duration was for one hour a day. This happened three days a week. After the eight-week study, researchers found a significant difference in the experimental women’s BMI, weight, waist-hip ratio, fat percentage, basal metabolic rate (BMR), etc. However, the control women didn’t show any significant difference in their body parameters.

Hence, step aerobics for weight loss is the best decision you can ever take in your workout journey.

How to Buy the Best Aerobic Stepper?

The characteristic features of a best aerobic stepper include:

  • Made up of high-quality and hard plastic
  • Non-slippery and non-sticky surface  
  • Light-weight and easily portable
  • Easy height adjustable feature
  • Anti-skidding leg surface
  • Non-breakable and durable


Different Exercises For Weight Loss Using Aerobic Stepper

Step aerobics exercises are many. And there is no one best weight loss exercise. You can choose a set of exercises that suits your workout style. Here are some step workout suggestions for you!

  • Basic steps (low-impact)
    • Right step
    • Left step
  • Intermediary or advanced steps (low to high-impact)
    • Turn step
    • Tap up step
    • V-step
    • T-step
    • A-step
    • Grapevine step
    • Across the top step
    • Charleston step


When you buy an aerobic stepper, you have the liberty to perform a step workout at home and at your convenience. You need not necessarily join a group class at the gym. Buy adjustable aerobic stepper now with Hykes!