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Wrist Wrap with Thumb Loop

  • LIFT MORE WEIGHT Supports Your Wrist To Handle More Weight. Hykes Fitness Wrist Wraps have a strong thump loop and durable elastic wrap which strengthen and support your wrist while lifting. These wraps are designed to help you to handle heavier weights and increase your athletic performance.
  • BUILD QUALITY -High Quality Cotton & Elastic to Keep Supported During Heavy Weight Training. These Fitness Wrist Wraps helps you  to make your workouts easier and comfortable manner.
  • LIFT HEAVIER AND TRAIN HARDER Designed for joint protection and injury prevention, this pair of heavy duty wrist straps helps you take your lifting to the next level.
  • FITNESS ACCESSORIES Wrist support gym are tested by professional athletes, these weight lifting straps have a great alternative to keep your hands free protecting your wrists
  • GYM STRAPS FOR POWERLIFTING These wrist supports are ideal for dumbbell, Push-ups, pull-ups, barbell, kettlebell, bench press, deadlift, CrossFit, Gym workouts, gymnastics and more. When it comes to bodybuilding & lifting, Never free your Wrist.

Wrist Wrap with Thumb Loop Features
Strength in Every Wrap: Durable Wrist Bands for Powerful Training

Crafted from durable materials, our wrist bands make a significant impact on your training. These wraps enhance strength during heavy presses and overhead activities. Feel the instant difference as you tightly adjust them, elevating your performance to new heights.

Versatile Support: Knee Straps Suitable for Every Sport

Our knee straps are crafted with the best and strongest materials, featuring top-grade Velcro that secures tightly without popping loose mid-set. The double zig-zag stitching ensures the Velcro remains intact, preventing tears from the elastic. Durable, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing – perfect for every sport.

Healing Power at Your Wrists: Wrist Protector for Ultimate Support

Our wrist protector wraps offer just the right compression to minimize swelling and promote faster healing. Ideal for minor wrist injuries and sprains, these wraps provide targeted support, allowing the healing process to begin.

Swift Recovery Companion: Wrist Protector Wraps for Targeted Relief

Experience a faster healing journey with our wrist protector wraps, providing precise compression for reduced swelling and targeted relief. Ideal for minor wrist injuries and sprains, these wraps are your reliable companion for swift recovery.

Heal with Precision: Wrist Protector for Targeted Support

Our wrist protector wraps offer precise compression to minimize swelling and support faster healing. Perfect for minor wrist injuries and sprains, these wraps provide the targeted support needed for a quicker recovery.

Crafted to Last: Exceptional Built Quality Wrist Protector

Our wrist support boasts superior built quality, crafted with a high-quality blend of cotton and elastic. Experience lasting durability and optimal support, ensuring comfort and reliability during your activities.

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