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Weightlifting Straps - Red

  • INCREASE STRENGTH AND TECHNIQUES : Improve your weight lifting, power lifting, bodybuilding and MMA techniques with secure, comfort-fit Lift Straps. Support and enjoy bigger gains and sustained workout routines at the gym. Perfect for dead lifts, shrugs, barbell rows, cable rows and upright rows.
  • IMPROVED LONG-TERM STABILITY : Traditional Wrist Straps start fraying and falling apart due to weight, friction and constant use. However, our Deadlift straps boasts Reinforced stitching, thick Neoprene Padding and Non-slip Wrist Support construction to reduce stress, wear and tear.
  • COMFORT FIT AND ADJUSTABILITY : These fully adjustable Lifting Wrist Straps are ergonomically designed to securely fit around your Wrists and inside your hands to give you premier, Non-Slip Grip and stability and adjustability while also properly securing weights. Just put them on and adjust to desired fit.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USAGE : Wrist Protector + Weight Lifting Straps. Ergonomically Designed to serve two purposes as Weight Lifting Straps and Wrist Wrap Protector with Soft Neoprene Padding.
  • WHERE TO USE ? : Perfect for Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Strength Training, Calisthenics, MMA, WOD, Working Out, Bodyweight, Gym, Deadlifts, Pull Ups, Rowing, Chin Ups, and more

Weightlifting Straps - Red Features
Maximize Your Lifts: Elevate Strength and Technique with Our Lift Straps

Boost your strength and technique with our Lift Straps, ideal for deadlifts, shrugs, barbell rows, cable rows, and upright rows. Secure and comfort-fit design for bigger gains in weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and MMA.

Dual Functionality Wrist Protectors and Weight Lifting Straps

Versatile and practical, our straps serve as both Wrist Protectors and Weight Lifting Straps. Ergonomically designed with soft neoprene padding for comfort, ensuring optimal support during various exercises.

Adjustable Lifting Wrist Straps for Premier Grip and Stability

Experience unmatched comfort with our ergonomically designed, fully adjustable Lifting Wrist Straps. Securely fitting around your wrists and hands, they provide a non-slip grip and stability. Easily customize the fit for ultimate comfort during your workouts.

Endurance and Comfort

Unlock endurance and comfort with our premium cushioned lifting hooks. Perfect for longer workout sessions, these hooks provide optimal support for powerlifting, CrossFit, WOD, and bodybuilding. Elevate your lifting experience as you lock in place tightly against the bar and lift more weights with confidence.

Versatile Lifting Hooks for Enhanced Performance

Perfect for both men and women, these lifting hooks are essential for powerlifting, CrossFit, WOD, and bodybuilding. Hit new PRs in deadlifts, pull-ups, chin-ups, lat pull downs, shrugs, or rows.

Nonslip Grip, Maximum Safety Lifting Hooks

Experience unparalleled grip and safety with these lifting hooks. Long enough for 2-3 wraps around the bar, the cushioning pads protect your wrists, and the silicone anti-slip weaving tape ensures a secure wrap for increased lifting capacity.

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