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Natural Unbreakable Resistance Bands Set (11pcs)

  • PERFECT FOR HOME WORKOUTS & MUSCLE BUILDING : Our Resistance Tubes for exercise & Stretching are perfect for Muscle Building, Fat Burning, Weight Loss, Cross Fitness Training, Pilates, Yoga, Full Body Workout, toning without any machines or special equipment and Improving Fitness Levels.
  • 100% NATURAL LATEX & DURABLE : These resistance bands are made of premium natural latex which is eco-friendly, durable, elastic, and strong. Each band is double layered and labeled with resistance level. The high-quality material used by the ankle strap ensures greater comfort. Reinforced buckles and door anchors make Hykes workout bands set more perfect.
  • VERSATILE : These toning tubes helps to fulfil all your workout and training exercises for upper body, lower body, core, back and full body workouts by simply changing your body position in order to change the tension on your muscles. Included the workout chart.
  • MULTIPLE RESISTANCE CHOICES : 5 different coloured bands - Yellow band (4.6 KG or 10 lbs), Red band (9.0 Kg or 20 lbs), Green band (13.6 kg or 30 lbs), Blue band (18.2 kg or 40 lbs) and a black band (22.8 kg or 50 lbs); use them alone or combine any of them to increase intensity; combined maximum resistance of 68.2 kg or 150 lbs.
  • TRAIN WITH SAFE WORKOUT : Toning tube set includes 2 soft foam handles, Free carry bag ensures compact and convenience to carry anywhere, Door anchor and foot ankle straps help you do more exercise. Clear scale marks help you adjust different resistance level easily and Workout chart helps to use resistance bands effectively.

Natural Unbreakable Resistance Bands Set (11pcs) Features

The ability to change the tension on muscles by adjusting body position and following a workout chart adds versatility to the training routine.


Resistance bands are often praised for their portability and ease of use. They can be taken anywhere, making them a convenient option for home workouts, outdoor fitness, and travel.

Alternative to Weights

For those who may not have access to traditional weights or prefer a different kind of resistance, resistance bands offer an effective alternative. They can still provide the resistance needed for muscle building and toning.

Full-body Workout

The set seems to offer a comprehensive solution for a full-body workout. This can be appealing to individuals looking for a holistic approach to fitness that targets various muscle groups.

Includes Workout Chart

The inclusion of a workout chart is a nice touch, as it can guide users in performing different exercises effectively and ensuring a well-rounded workout routine.

Quality Material

Highlighting the quality of the natural latex used in the resistance bands emphasizes durability and reliability for users.

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