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Hykes Neoprene Ankle Straps

  • IMPROVED LONG-TERM STABILITY : Traditional cable straps start breaking down due to weight and use. However, our ankle strap cable attachment boasts a wide Fastening Strap design, double stitching and reinforced steel double D-RING to reduce stress, wear and tear
  • INCREASE STRENGTH & TECHNIQUES : Improve your calf, leg and lower body technique with secure, comfort-fit ankles straps designed specifically for cable machines. Enjoy bigger gains and sustained workout routines at the gym.
  • COMFORT FIT ADJUSTABILITY : These fully adjustable gym ankle straps boast a secure, high-grade neoprene and thick padding to give you premium comfort and stability, while also properly securing weights. Designed to fit MEN & WOMEN. Just put them on and adjust to desired fit.
  • VERSATILE EXERCISE ROUTINES : These ankle cuffs are compatible with standard cable systems, resistance trainers, functional trainers, and more; great for leg extensions, leg curls, hip abductors, thigh contractions, cable kickbacks, hip abduction, and cable lunges and all your favorite leg day routines.
  •  USES : Perfect for Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, and Hip Abductions. Used with Cable Machines Systems, Glutes exercise equipment, Resistance trainers, Functional Trainer, etc.

Hykes Neoprene Ankle Straps Features
Premium Comfort with Neoprene Padding

Experience unparalleled comfort during your workouts with Joyfit Ankle Straps, featuring the highest quality neoprene padding. Our extra-thick cushioning not only ensures superior comfort but also supports you through intense workouts, providing stability to your joints. Elevate your fitness routine with the ultimate in comfort and performance.

Reinforced with Stainless Steel Rings

Power through your most demanding workouts with confidence. Our stainless steel rings provide unparalleled strength and durability, offering robust support for extra weights, pulls and stretches. Elevate your fitness experience with equipment that stands up to the intensity of your routine.

Versatile Fit with Adjustable Velcro Straps

Unleash the perfect fit for your workouts! Our ankle straps, designed in one size, cater to all adult ankle sizes with an adjustable fastening system. The precision of our tight-fastening Velcro straps not only guarantees a secure, non-slip grip but also ensures stability throughout your entire exercise routine. Experience comfort and confidence with every movement.

Optimize Your Leg Day with Our Ankle Straps

Elevate your leg workouts to new heights with our ankle straps. Designed for precision and comfort, these straps are the perfect companion for your leg day routine. Whether you're performing lunges, cable kickbacks, or any leg-centric exercise, our ankle straps ensure a secure and stable connection, allowing you to focus on maximizing gains without compromising on comfort. Step into your leg workout with confidence and experience the perfect blend of support and performance.

Compact and Portable Ankle Straps for On-the-Go Workouts

Experience the freedom to exercise anywhere with our compact and portable ankle straps. Designed for convenience, these straps are your go-to fitness companion for on-the-go workouts. Easily slip them into your gym bag or backpack, and enjoy a full range of exercises wherever your fitness journey takes you. Compact in size, mighty in performance – redefine your fitness routine with unmatched portability.

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