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Heavy Pull Up Resistance Bands for Workout and Stretching for Home Workouts Exercise Bands Set Gym Sports Physiotherapy Muscle Training for Men & Women

  • Home Workout Resistance Pull Up Bands :- Hykes Resistance bands are made of natural latex material which is strong wear resistance and can withstand extreme tensile force. These Rubber Pull up bands are very easy to use from Beginner Level to Professional Level for Heavy Workouts. Now, Exercise without any worries of tear or wear.
  • 5 Exercise Bands Levels :- Pull up Resistance bands come in 5 resistance levels, and each color is different resistance capacity. Red (7-15 kg/ X-Light), Black (12-30 kg / Light),  Purple (16-40 kg / Medium),Green (23-57 kg / Heavy), Blue (30-80 kg / X-Heavy).  The amount of resistance of the workout bands can be adjusted by giving more or less slack on the band, as well as by combining multiple workout band to increase the challenge.
  • Push your Limits to Next Level :- Our resistance bands work for anyone need stretching out those sore achy muscles after a workout and stiff ones for before the workout. Use them to stretch out before deadlifts and squats. Carry Anywhere on the Go.
  • Multi-functional resistance bands :- Resistance bands can used for multiple exercises, such as strength training, assisted pull-ups, basketball tension training, warm-ups,Workout your arms, back, legs, etc.
  • Muscle Training :-  Add to your home gym, It will help assist in you pull-ups at home. It can be used in a lot of different ways.You can use them for pull up and dip assist, stretching, and even adding some resistance to squats.

Heavy Pull Up Resistance Bands for Workout and Stretching for Home Workouts Exercise Bands Set Gym Sports Physiotherapy Muscle Training for Men & Women Features
Home Workout Essential: Hykes Resistance Pull Up Bands

Crafted from durable natural latex, Hykes Resistance Bands are perfect for all fitness levels. Exercise worry-free with these easy-to-use bands, designed for strength and longevity in your home workouts.

Versatile Fitness Companion: Hykes Flex Resistance Bands Set

Take your workouts to new heights with the Hykes Flex Resistance Bands Set. From pull-ups to push-ups, this collection of high-grade natural latex bands (Light to X-Heavy) suits all levels. Ideal for physical therapy, yoga, pilates, rehab, and home workouts.

Strength Unleashed: Hykes Flex Resistance Bands for Every Level

Unleash your strength with Hykes Flex Resistance Bands. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this set of durable natural latex bands (Light to X-Heavy) offers versatile resistance for pull-ups, push-ups, and a range of workouts at home or in therapy.

Resistance Redefined: Hykes Flex Bands for Targeted Workouts

Experience resistance redefined with Hykes Flex Resistance Bands. Designed with high-grade natural latex, this set (Light to X-Heavy) caters to every fitness level, providing targeted resistance for pull-ups, push-ups, yoga, pilates, and more. Elevate your workout routine with Hykes quality.

Pro-Grade Flexibility: Hykes Resistance Bands Set for Ultimate Workouts

Hykes brings you pro-grade flexibility with the Flex Resistance Bands Set. Crafted from durable natural latex in 5 levels (Light to X-Heavy), these bands enhance your workouts, from pull-ups and push-ups to physical therapy and rehab exercises.

Perfect Dimensions: Hykes Resistance Band for Optimal Workouts

Hykes Resistance Band features perfect dimensions - 41" length, 45 mm width, and 4.5 mm thickness. With a strength level of 15-30kg, it's the top choice for pull-ups and versatile exercises. Ideal for men's workouts, providing the perfect blend of strength and flexibility.

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