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Sweat Slim Belt for Men & Women

  • PREMIUM QUALITY SWEAT BELT - Hykes tummy trimmer slim belt is made with extra thick latex-free High-Grade Neoprene material for sauna-like enhanced sweating experience. Our Waist Trimmer textured inner lining will not only repel moisture absorption but also limit slipping and bunching during your gym workout.
  • ENHANCED WEIGHT LOSS BELT - Hykes Sweat slim belt helps to increase body heat, lose the belly fat fast with sauna effect, removing excess sweat water, reduces weight during exercise while the lightweight material prevents heat stroke designed for fitness gives you a new awesome slim lean waist posture.
  • FLEXIBLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - 100% high quality latex-free neoprene for thermal therapy & soft tissue support with non-slip inner layer Grid design to prevent slipping during exercise.
  • IMPROVE POSTURE & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Hykes Waist Trimmer Shape Wear provides support for the lower back and abdominal muscles promoting improve posture Helps Instantly. Also, suitable for sports, fitness, cycling, running, gym, travel, workout, and weight loss. Ideal for providing compression and support for after pregnancy, postpartum recovery or post abdominal surgery, c-section, abdominal strains and weakness, tummy trainer.
  • DON'T GUESS YOUR SIZE, FOR BEST FIT CHECK SIZE CHART (IMAGE 4) - Getting the right size is important. Please don't guess your size or assume a certain size will fit you. It takes less than a minute to measure and avoid unnecessary returns and causing problems to you as well as seller. Please see image 4 for sizing diagram. If you have any questions please reach out to support at hykes dot in.

Sweat Slim Belt for Men & Women Features
Accelerated Sweat Technology

Our Sweat Slim Belt employs advanced technology to promote increased sweating, aiding in the detoxification process and maximizing calorie burn during workouts.

Inclusive Unisex Design

Crafted to cater to both Men & Women, this slim belt is adjustable and provides a comfortable fit, ensuring everyone can benefit from its incredible features.

Support and Compression

Experience the benefits of optimal support and compression during workouts. The slim belt offers abdominal and lumbar support, promoting good posture and reducing the risk of injury.

Comfortable and Flexible Fabric

Constructed with high-quality, breathable fabric, our slim belt ensures comfort during prolonged use. The flexible material allows for a full range of motion during various exercises.

Adjustable Fit for All Sizes

The belt is easily adjustable to accommodate different waist sizes, providing a snug fit for everyone. The secure closure ensures that it stays in place, even during rigorous workouts.

Versatile Use

Whether you're at the gym, going for a run, or doing home workouts, the Sweat Slim Belt is a versatile accessory that can be worn discreetly under clothing. Maximize your results with every activity.

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