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Hykes Open Patella Knee Cap Dual Side Stabilizer

  • Fine Grade Open - Patella Knee Support : Open patella knee brace made with fine material and helps with patella tracking, providing added support, whilst the durable, helps warm muscles and joints, provides support to injured ligaments, tendons, helps to relieve pain associated with arthritis, aching joints, muscles, meniscus tears, acl, mcl, strains and sprains
  • One Size and Fully Adjustable Compression for Best Fit : Universal size (one size fits most), fits the left or right knee and is unisex suitable for men and women. Velcro straps helps you to wrap the brace as tightly as required, ensuring it fits knees of all sizes, and allowing you to readjust as swelling subsides
  • Effective and Multi Use : This knee wrap is made of breathable material retains heat and speeds up recovery period. Also it can be used for gym, weight lifting and for any sport, walking, running, cross fit, fitness, soccer, football, hiking, basketball, volleyball, skiing, tennis, cycling, badminton, dance, cricket and to recover faster from injury
  • Stability and Compression : Dual side stabilizer springs give extra support, designed to apply graduated compression without restraining your leg movement and provides the necessary warmth and improves the blood circulation and muscular recovery, increases mobility and motion

Hykes Open Patella Knee Cap Dual Side Stabilizer Features
Adjustable Brace with Fine-Grade Material

Our open-patella knee brace, made from fine-grade material, provides essential support for patella tracking and aids in relieving pain associated with arthritis, injuries, and strains. Adjustable strap for a personalized fit, ensuring optimal comfort and support.

Universal Fit and Adjustable Compression

Our one-size knee brace, universally fitting most, is designed for both men and women. The Velcro straps offer fully adjustable compression, allowing you to wrap the brace tightly for the best fit. Ideal for use on the left or right knee, ensuring comfort and the flexibility to readjust as swelling subsides.

Versatile Recovery: Effective Knee Wrap for All Activities

Crafted from breathable material, our knee wrap accelerates recovery and is perfect for various activities including gym workouts, running, crossfit, soccer, basketball, and more. Ideal for faster recovery from injuries, this knee wrap adapts to any sport or fitness routine.

Enhanced Stability and Compression: Dual Side Stabilizer Springs

Our knee brace, equipped with dual side stabilizer springs, offers enhanced stability and compression. Graduated compression improves blood circulation and aids in muscular recovery, while allowing unrestricted leg movement. Enjoy increased mobility and confident knee support.

High-Quality Breathable Fabric

Experience superior breathability with our high-quality fabric, promoting warmth retention for tendons during activities. Ideal for aiding and accelerating the recovery process.

Optimal Compression Support: Knee Brace for Improved Recovery

Our knee brace is designed to apply optimal compression on the knee joints, promoting blood flow and lymphatic fluid circulation. This aids in reducing swelling and enhancing the recovery process, ensuring comprehensive support for your knees.

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