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Hykes Weightlifting Knee Wraps

  • ENHANCED SAFETY - Hykes Knee Wraps pair provides excellent compression and support, stabilizing the knee and surrounding structures under heavy loads. The wraps will hold all the vital structures in place whilst lifting and workout. This allows the user to lift more often, with increased confidence.
  • Knee Support for Gym Squats : Enhanced Compression and stronger material provides best support for heavy squats, gym, WODs, cross training, leg presses, Fitness, Cross Training, Strength Training, body building and high intensity power lifting.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT, HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE - NO MORE WORRIES - These long knee compression support wraps won't slip, unroll or fall off, pair comes with easy to use adjustable hook &loop closure. 
  • KNEE WRAP FOR WEIGHTLIFTING - Rebound Feature enables lifters to bounce out of the hole and avoiding the 'sticking point', enabling heavier lifts. e vital structures in place whilst lifting. This allows the user to lift more often, with increased confidence.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & FULLY CUSTOMIZED FIT - Made with high quality elastic material, durable wraps allow each user to wrap them to their exact preference, ensuring a comfortable, personalized feel. Hykes Comes with replacement warranty.

Hykes Weightlifting Knee Wraps Features
Durable and Flexible Knee Wraps for Intensive Weightlifting

Compression and support with this pair of knee wraps, offering stability to the knee and surrounding structures during heavy weightlifting. By minimizing the risk of potential injuries, these wraps instill confidence, enabling you to lift heavier weights.


Workouts with these resilient elastic knee wraps, preventing swelling in the knees caused by concentrated blood flow. Easily worn and removed, these wraps feature a breathable and lightweight fabric that ensures comfort on the skin, without causing any damage such as redness or rashes.


Crafted from premium cotton material, our Hykes Knee Wraps boast high quality. The robust hook and loop closure ensure a secure grip on knee joints during training sessions.


The knee joints receive enduring durability, compression and robust support from the high-performance elastic material, strengthened by reinforced stitching.


Perfect for athletic performance and fitness workouts for legs such as Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Squats, Leg Workouts and many more.


Available in 8 different Colors and Models such as Black, Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Camouflage Grey, Camouflage Blue (Military Designs)

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