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Adjustable Door Pull Up Bar with Locking Mechanism

  • Adjustable Pull Up Bar :- Our strong door pull-up bar allows you to adjust the length 65 cm to 100 cm and easily fits most door frame. The chin-up bar can be adjusted to the mounting height at any time. handgrips are made of high-elasticity rubber and nylon, with the features of Non-Slip, Non-Toxic, non-odour and also very comfortable. Note:- Please measure the size of your door frame before purchasing to ensure the pull-up bar will fit your door frames.
  • Easy Installation : - Our Pull up bar provides great support during workouts. It takes just 5 minutes time to set it up and remove it on the door frame. This pull up bar is designed with two anti-skid devices on both sides. just rotate the pole to press against the door frame. Which can firmly stick on the door. Installation of the pull-up bar requires no screws or drilling.
  • Innovative Locking Mechanism :- The door pull-up bar has a locking mechanism that prevents the bar from loosening and rotating. Once the lock is installed, there will be no more sliding. This locking system provides proper safety while workouts.
  • Say no to Door marks :- Length and thick anti-skid pad on each side of the pull-up bar protects door frames from cracking. The anti-skid material of the chin-up bar prevents damage to doors by preventing the bar from suddenly falling off.
  • Multi-Purpose Use :- Pull-up bars are perfect for pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, dips, crunches, triceps dips, leg raises etc. Say no to Gym. just start your workout at home or office any time

Adjustable Door Pull Up Bar with Locking Mechanism Features
Adjustable Design:

The bar's adjustable feature allows it to fit various door frame sizes, providing versatility for users with different home setups.

Comfort Redefined with Premium Handgrips:

Experience non-slip, non-toxic, and odor-free handgrips made from high-elasticity rubber and nylon. Enjoy a comfortable and secure grip throughout your workout sessions.

Effortless Installation, Zero Damage

Set up and remove the pull-up bar in just 5 minutes without the need for screws or drilling. The innovative anti-skid devices on both sides securely press against the door frame, providing stability without leaving any marks.

Upper Body Workout

Ideal for targeting upper body muscles, especially the back, arms, and shoulders, making it an effective tool for strength training.

Durable Construction

Constructed with durable materials, the pull-up bar is built to withstand regular use and support various body weights.

Versatile Fitness

In addition to traditional pull-ups, the bar can be used for various exercises such as chin-ups, hanging leg raises, and abdominal exercises, offering a comprehensive upper body workout.

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